Managing Partner

Success for me is the result of hard work and endless development. If today you are better than you were yesterday and despite lots of obstacles and people’s skepticism, you keep fighting, success is inevitable.

Tell us something about yourself:

At 22, I went to Germany to get higher education. Georgia was in an extremely hard economic and political situation back then, and gaining education in Europe was a great privilege. I knew this perfectly well, and I did everything in my power to achieve my aims. I had to study, work and undergo different programs and internships to ensure my professional growth and provide myself with financial resources.

I think this kind of lifestyle helps us reconsider our values and makes us even more aim-oriented than we used to be.

In 2009, I got my business administration degree at the University of Applied Sciences of Trier. I was involved in the consulting field shortly after graduating from the university. I have worked at companies such as PwC, Rödl&Partner, con|energy Unternehmensberatung, and c.con Management Beratung. I was in charge of various projects when working in the consulting field.  Within the framework of these projects, I assisted companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in forming an effective organizational structure and implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and risk management systems. It was then I decided to return to Georgia and share my knowledge with Georgian companies.

What helped you decide to come back to Georgia?

People were always asking me why I was returning to Georgia. They used to say that no one would appreciate my knowledge and experience there; neither would they share my values, views, and approaches.

This skeptical attitude empowered and motivated me even further, and, believing in my abilities, I decided to leave Germany for Georgia. Today, I am proud of my decision as I can see more and more clear that our company serves the intended purpose.

What is the C-Team’s purpose?

C-Team management consulting company aims to promote sustainable development of companies throughout Georgia.

We plan to set service quality in line with European standards. Correspondingly, each member of our team stands ready to get involved in this activity and exert all-out efforts to achieve the best possible results.

What are C-Team’s main values and specific advantages?

C-Team’s key value is its team comprised of consummate professionals; this is also our specific advantage. However, finding qualified personnel in Georgia remains a great challenge for us.

I think I was lucky enough to staff my team with professionals who gained their knowledge and experience abroad. Each member of our team is highly qualified and motivated, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is loyal to the company.

What makes a good consultant?

Permanent search for innovations and desire to develop constantly. Representatives of our profession have to learn and permanently expand their knowledge as the industry is developing rapidly; we, as consultants, cannot fall behind and must keep up with the pace of development.  Inquisitiveness, belief in one’s abilities, and hard work are what make a good consultant. What matters most is to love what you do; otherwise, enduring the pressure of consulting will prove impossible.  Precisely this approach helped me achieve success in Germany, and this is the advice I give all my new employees. The profession has its specific features, which is why we try to assess new employees’ potential as quickly as possible not to waste our candidates’ time in vain.

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