Natia Chincharauli

Project Director

Success for me is the opportunity to do a job I love, focus on my development, and at the same time help others succeed in carrying out their goals.

Tell us something about yourself:

At 20, I decided to go to the US. My goal was to gain knowledge and experience there to contribute to my country’s development later. I lived in the US for 13 years. During these years,  I had to overcome many obstacles and difficulties over these years. Getting over each obstacle and coping with each challenge made me stronger and increased my self-confidence as I believed I moved closer to achieving my goals.   In addition to education and experience, the US enabled me to believe in myself and made me more self-confident than I used to be, which was the foundation of my personal growth and career advancement. In America, I worked in companies such as Wells Fargo, Capital One Bank, and Citibank, in which I held managerial positions. I passed all career levels before being appointed to these positions, which was even harder for emigrants, requiring redoubled efforts. In addition to working, I studied business administration at Argosy University, where thanks to my high academic performance, I was on the Dean’s list annually. After graduation, the university dean recommended me to become a member of the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society. Deciding to return to Georgia proved rather difficult; however, I knew that the more I would go up the career steps, the harder it would become to make the decision. But as I also knew the ultimate objective was to utilize the gained knowledge in Georgia, I decided to take this important and now laudable step.

What does being a member of the C-Team mean for you?

Being a C-Team member is the realization of my long-cherished dream as the mission and aims of our company coincide with my goal and, most importantly, unite all members of the C-Team.

What can you say about C-Team?

I can talk endlessly about our team. I have worked in several large companies throughout my career; however, I have never had a better team. I can say that each member of our team is a motivated, aim-oriented, and highly qualified professional. Seeing them daily fills me with positive vibes, with this being a great incentive for me. We always share our experiences and help each other develop constantly.

What makes C-Team’s corporate culture different from other companies?

The atmosphere here is friendly and humane. Each member of the team stands ready to help their colleagues. We all believe that we serve one great purpose, and each of us plays our role in fulfilling the common objective. We adjust our daily schedule to our projects; consequently, in some cases, we have to work overtime; however, whenever the possibility emerges, we can take time off after working extra hours.

How do you select a new team member?

Similar values and approaches to work as ours are what matters for us. As a rule, we pay great attention to how well a candidate has prepared for a job interview as this shows their motivation and professionalism. Our strategy is to select motivated and quick-witted candidates who will put great effort into their professional development. As for us, we spare no effort to ensure their career advancement.

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