Project Manager

Success for me is a path on which you have to focus on your self-development and work hard. Great success is a combination of well-thought-out trifles. In my view, you achieve success when you look for required conditions, and if you fail to find them, you create them.

Tell us something about yourself:

After graduating the high school, I went to Italy to gain higher education. I knew that expanding knowledge in a leading European country was a necessity but I never considered living there after graduation.

Despite promising proposals and career advancement opportunities, I came back to Georgia as soon as I graduated from university. I became aware of my desires and aims at a rather early age. Consequently, I had a plan which I have so far used as a guide. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Economic and Financial Analysis from the University of Paleo. At the university, I was engaged in different activities, workshops, and conferences. In addition to attending the MA degree program, I participated in the ERASMUS+ Exchange Programme, within the framework of which I studied at the University of Dubrovnik for one term. I showed interest in consulting when I was a student. Consequently, after returning to Georgia, I started looking for a job in the field. I got lucky enough to discover C-Team and joined it in a short time.

Why did you choose C-Team?

Frankly speaking, I also received offers from other consulting companies, but the company staff’s views, aims, and values similar to those of mine determined my decision. Additionally, their experience proved immensely interesting. I realized that if I joined C-Team, I would have great chances for professional development. Now, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision. I have gained vast theoretical and practical knowledge thanks to working in C-Team. I have a chance to study something new and deal with new challenges daily, with this being the greatest possible motivator for me.

You achieved great success in C-Team in a short time. What is the secret of your success?

I managed to accomplish a lot in a short time. I started with a low-level position, and now I serve as a project manager, running several projects simultaneously.

In my view, my colleagues’ strong support played a rather significant part in my success. I have learned a lot from them; I constantly received feedback and advice from them, and, most importantly, I was not afraid of making mistakes because according to our approach we learn from them and move on.

My love for what I do also proved decisive for me to make achievements as you do great work when you love what you do.

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